We love what we do! We offer a variety of professional services to care for your fuzzy family. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Meet and Greet – Free!

A Fuzzies Pet Care staff member will come to your home to meet you and your pet.  This gives everyone the opportunity to get comfortable with one another and discuss your specific needs.

Daily Dog Walks – $16 ($15 for multiple walks per day); $5 per additional dog

We will spend 30 minutes walking and playing with your dog. After all, a tired dog is a happy dog! Fresh water is always given at the end of the visit. More time can be added in increments of 15 minutes at your request.

In-home Cat Sitting – $19

Cat visits last 30 minutes and include cleaning the litter and surrounding area, giving them fresh food and water, treats, and playtime. Kitties tend to be happier and more relaxed in their own homes, so this is a great option. More time can be added in increments of 15 minutes at your request.

Puppy & Kitten Care – $19 for Kittens, $30 for Puppies (2 visits)

Puppies and kittens are just about the cutest things in the world! But they come with their own set of needs. During a puppy visit, we will put down fresh food and water, go for a walk, work on basic skills like leash manners, sit/stay, etc., and play, play, play! Consistency is key, so if you choose our puppy package, you will get two visits per day, spaced about four hours apart. That way, the likelihood of an accident is lessened.

For kittens, we will socialize him/her and get the kitten accustomed to being handled and of course, cuddled. We will put down fresh food and water, scoop the litter and clean up around the box, give them treats, and play with them until they’re exhausted! Sometimes kittens need to get used to using a litter box, so we’ll help out in that arena, if needed.

In-home Overnights – $60

Kennels can be stressful for some pets. So, if your fuzzy loved one likes the comfort of their own home, this option is for you. Your petsitter will spend the night in your home with your pet. The visit includes an evening walk, fresh food and water, overnight, and a morning walk. If the visit is for a cat, it would include cleaning the litter and surrounding area, giving them fresh food and water, treats, overnight, and playtime.

Overnight Visits in Sitter’s Home – $50

Some fuzzies really like the adventure of exploring new horizons! If this describes your pet, we have the perfect service for you. Your pet will stay overnight at your petsitter’s home and receive one evening walk, fresh food and water, overnight, and a morning walk. Additional fees apply if you need the sitter to pick up/drop off your pet or provide additional services.

House Sitting – $15 per visit

We all want to know that our homes are secure while we’re away. To give you peace of mind, a Fuzzies Pet Care team member will come to your home to switch lights on and off, water plants, put blinds up or down, bring in the mail, etc. Anything to make your home look inhabited. This service can be combined with a petsitting service at a reduced cost.

Emergency Lock-Out Service – $20

Uh Oh! It’s 10 pm and you just realized that you left your keys at your friend’s house. Give us a call and we’ll have you lounging in your PJ’s before you know it.

Pet Taxi – $15-20 one-way; $25-35 round-trip (depending on time of day, distance, etc.)

If your fuzzy has a hot date with the groomer while you’re at work, we’re here to help! We provide one way and round trip pet taxi service to the veterinarian, groomer, day care, etc.

Errand Service – $25 per hour

Life can really get hectic at times!  So to help you out, a Fuzzies team member will take care of any errands you have.  We can pick up dry cleaning, get groceries, go to the post office- just let us know and we’re on it!

Additional Services – $5 in combination with a pet care visit

We will administer medications, water plants, etc.

Holidays, Weekends, and After Hours

Please note that there is a $5 surcharge for each visit booked on a weekend, after hours (beyond the hours of 9 am-6 pm), and major holidays. Major holidays are New Year’s Eve and Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve and Day.

Photo Shoot – $149 (up to 50 minutes)

Do you love your fuzzy friend so much that you just want to capture every moment, every stage, every goofy thing they do? We can help! When you book a photo session with Fuzzies Pet Care, we’ll capture your pet’s personality where they’re most comfortable- at home! Whether indoors or out, we’ll romp around with them, relax with them as they nap, and just let them be them, all the while snapping away with our state of the art Nikon equipment. All photos will be touched up and color corrected and you will receive a link to download every moment. Now you can ooooo and aaaawww to your heart’s content!


What Sets Us Apart

  • Walkers will not use headphones while walking your dog. We believe that your pup deserves our undivided attention!
  • Sitters are asked to keep phone time to a minimum while with your pet.
  • We are a company of animal lovers, through and through. We’ll care for your family members like we would our own.
  • Your sitter will send you an email upon leaving to let you know how the visit went. That way, you know your loved one is safe and sound.
  • When using our own doggie bags, we use only biodegradable plastic bags.
  • We manage all client appointments via TimeToPet. You can pay in cash, check, or credit card.