Happy Holidays 2015 from Fuzzies Pet Care!

The holidays are here! Yippee!! Time for friends and family, both human and non-human, to revel in some festivities. Let’s make sure our celebrations are less naughty, more nice!


1. If you’re like me, your house looks like a mini winter wonderland during the holidays. Cats and dogs loooove shiny, jingly things, which means temptation is literally hanging at nose level. If your fuzzy family member decides your decorations look tasty, this can lead to an intestinal obstruction. This means your pet’s intestines can’t function properly and will make him/her very sick if not caught in time. If you notice vomiting, abdominal pain or swelling, sluggishness or weakness, or lack of appetite, get your pet to the vet immediately. Even better, try to keep those super tempting decorations out of reach and avoid a potentially yucky situation!

2. As much as we love making merry around the holidays, sometimes they can be stressful. Your pet feels the same way, believe me. Unfamiliar sounds and people can make your pet uncomfortable. If you have a dog, try taking him/her for a vigorous walk before the festivities and give them a chew toy to help distract them. If that doesn’t work, or if you have a shy kitty, put them in a quiet room where they can relax and ride out all of the commotion.

3. Holidays=food. It’s that simple. As we all know, cats and dogs have an incredible sense of smell. Imagine being surrounded by the aroma of turkey roasting in the oven, cookies and pies baking, mashed potatoes…with that sniffer? Can you imagine the temptation? Unfortunately, lots of foods that we can digest without issue will make your pet very sick. Below is a list of foods and objects that pose a hazard to your fuzzy friends.

Now get out there and have the happiest holiday season yet!


  • Alcohol
  • Poinsettias/holly/mistletoe
  • Nuts
  • Fruitcake
  • NSAID painkillers (i.e. Advil, etc.)
  • Chocolate

Foreign Body Ingestion Risks

  • Ornaments/figurines
  • Tinsel
  • Scented Candles
  • Ribbons/bows
  • Turkey/poultry bones
  • Toys

Happy Halloween 2015!!

We love to be scared silly on Halloween. It’s part of what makes it one of my favorite holidays! (Yes, I called it a holiday and I stand by that statement.) But not all scares are of the fun ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties variety. Beware these pet health horrors come Halloween and we’ll all have a lot more fun!

  1. Be careful not to let your pet get hold of costume pieces, parts, and props. If your pet ingests them, they can cause all kinds of intestinal issues and even blockages. Eesh!
  2. As delicious as chocolate and other candies are, they can make your pet very sick. So keep your Halloween haul out of paws’ reach!
  3. I remember Halloween when I was a kid- we got what seemed like hundreds of trick-or-treaters. It was great! If you’re expecting your fair share of Halloween revelers, be sure to keep your pet safely secured. The last thing you want is your cat or dog bolting out the front door!
  4. While carving your pumpkin is an essential part of celebrating All Hallow’s Eve, they’re a virtual petri dish of bacteria. There’s also the danger of burns from the candles inside. Keep little lips and paws safe by putting your pumpkins out of reach and lighting them with faux candles.

If you notice your pet behaving strangely, i.e. weakness, hyperactivity, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., be sure to get them to the vet immediately or call one of these hotlines:

  • Pet Poison Hotline 1-800-213-6680
  • Animal Poison Control 1-888-426-4435

Instead of candy, give your fuzzy friend one of these delicious pumpkin meatballs and they’ll haunt you for another one! Bwahaha!

Pumpkin Meatballs

  • 1 lb. of ground chicken
  • 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree
  • 1/4 cup of parsley, chopped

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper. Mix all ingredients in a bowl, then roll into 1 inch meatballs and place each a 1/2 inch apart. Bake for 15 minutes or until slightly brown on top. Let cool and serve. Freeze unused portions you are not using in the next few days.


Have a Happy, Healthy Fall

Aaaah, fall…my favorite time of year! The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and the humidity of the summer is a fuzzy memory, which makes my hair very happy. But with all that loveliness comes the possibility of allergies. Yup, your pets get them too. Here are some suggestions on how to banish the itchies and make autumn your pet’s favorite season too!

  • You can’t avoid nature, and why would you want to? Instead, give your dog or cat a bath during allergy season to rinse off all of those potential irritants. Make sure you keep their bedding clean too!
  • I know, I know…no one wants to make an extra trip to the vet, least of all your pet. But as soon as you notice any symptoms of an allergy attack, i.e. itching, sneezing, runny nose, high tail it to the doctor. Believe me, it’ll be better in the long run. No one wants a hot spot; ask my dog Maggie.
  • Sometimes changing your pet’s diet can help. By adding things like fatty fish, eggs, sweet potatoes, and honey to their diet, you can help banish the itchies. These foods have an anti-inflammatory effect on your fuzzy buddy, which is healthy in every way possible, including for allergies.
  • If nothing else seems to do the trick, ask your vet about immunotherapy. This is when your pet gets exposed to a tiny amount of his or her allergen on a regular basis, thereby building up an immunity to it. It’s just like the allergy shots we get.

Like cooking for your pets? Then try this recipe to help your fuzzy friend feel better!
Before feeding this, or anything for that matter, to your pet, make sure that none of the ingredients are known allergens for your pet.

Bee-Healthy Egg Scramble


  • 1/2 tsp. coconut oil, extra virgin unrefined
  • 1 egg, omega-3 enriched
  • 1 tsp. raw honey
  • 1/4 tsp. spirulina powder

In a small skillet, heat coconut oil over low heat. Add egg ad lightly scramble. Transfer egg to a separate bow, allow to cool, and add spirulina and honey.

fall day dog walk

Why You Should Hire A Professional Pet Sitter

Hiring a pet sitter can be a daunting experience. Should you hire a company or an individual? Are they insured? Can you trust this person with your pet? So many things to consider!

Asking a friend, neighbor, or relative might seem like a good idea at the time. But professional pet sitters have the experience necessary to care for your animals in any situation. Plus, you don’t have to worry about inconveniencing us- we want to do it!

Unfortunately, not all pet sitters are created equal or, for that matter, professional. There are literally hundreds of individuals out there who would like to care for your pet. And I’m sure most of them mean well and will do their utmost to care for your fuzzy loved one. But some things are just out of their hands. For example, what if they get sick and can’t make it to your home? Being an individual pet sitter, they will not have anyone to cover the visit. Or what if there is an accident and your sitter or your pet is injured? An individual is most likely not insured, meaning you are responsible for any costs incurred. Yikes! When you hire a professional pet sitting company, what you’re really getting is peace of mind. Below are the reasons why hiring a pro should be at the top of your priority list:

  1. Professional pet sitters have invested time, money, and effort into their business. Since this is their livelihood, you can rely on them to be there for your pet each and every time.
  2. Professional pet sitters are insured and bonded, meaning that if there is an accident or loss of property, your costs are covered for you.
  3. In the event that your usual pet sitter is unavailable, professional companies have backup.
  4. Pet sitting companies, if they truly are professional, will run criminal background checks on all employees. This way, you know that you can trust the person entering your home.
  5. A pro knows animals. They can accommodate your pet’s needs, administer medications, tell if medical attention is required, and avoid potentially hazardous situations.

You and your pet deserve the very best care out there. Now that you know, what are you waiting for? Go find yourself a professional pet sitter! If you’d like more information about Fuzzies Pet Care, feel free to contact us.

Fuzzies Dog Walking

Ode to the Kitty

To say that we here at Fuzzies Pet Care are equal opportunity pet lovers would be an understatement. We love all animals- cats, dogs, birds, fish, you name it. But since there are so many articles out there extolling the virtues of dogs, I wanted to give kitties their due.

I have never been, nor do I ever plan to be, without a cat in my household. Now, I know many people out there think that cats are aloof, standoffish even. Never in my life have I found this to be the case. In fact, when I come through the door each day, my cat is the first one to greet me, even before my dog. He rubs around my ankles, jumps up to bump my legs in a move we affectionately call the “jump bump,” and purrs until I think he’ll choke.

And what’s cuter than a kitten?! They play, they romp, they pounce! And that little squeak they let out when they want some attention…I melt. Cats are loving, snuggly, intelligent, playful, beautiful animals. And they smell good. There, I said it. I am an unashamed cat lover. As my father jokingly says, “Kitties is good people!”


Why Do My Dog’s Feet Smell Like Fritos?

If snuggling with your dog has, on occasion, induced cravings for chips and salsa, don’t worry- you’re not alone. It’s perfectly normal! Well, maybe not the craving-chips-and-salsa part, but the corn chippy smell of your pup’s feet is. By now you’re wondering, “Why does this happen?”

Well, the reason is decidedly less appetizing than that yummy bag of Fritos. It’s caused by trillions of bacteria living on your dog’s feet. That’s right, your beloved pup’s foot is essentially a petri dish. But fear not! It’s totally normal and nothing to worry about. If the aroma becomes bothersome, you can trim the fur around your dog’s feet and wash them thoroughly. But really, who are we to judge? After all, we’re hosting a hundred thousand of the little guys per square inch ourselves!

Fuzzies Pet Care - Dog Feet

Red Pandas Romping in a Winter Wonderland

At least these little guys are enjoying the snow!

Red Pandas in the Cincinnati Zoo


Keeping Pets Safe in the Car

Aaaaah, vacation…what’s better than taking off on the open road, nothing before us but relaxation and hours unclaimed by obligation? Throw your pets into the equation and it gets even better! As pet parents, we all want the best for our fuzzy family members. When you’re traveling, that means keeping them safe in the event of an accident. After all, you wear your seatbelt to stay safe in the car. Why wouldn’t we do the same for our pets?

Unfortunately, not all pet seat belts are created equal. Currently there are no requirements in place to crash test the seatbelt before putting it on the market, so even if you buckle your pup, there’s no guarantee that it will be effective. Luckily, the good people at The Center for Pet Safety crash tested the top rated seatbelts on the market, so you can keep every passenger as safe as possible. Now get out there and enjoy the open road!

Center for Pet Safety 2013 Harness Crashworthiness Study Summary Report (PDF)

Pups on the Tennis Court with Venus Williams

If there was ever any doubt about the genius of dogs, this video will set the record straight. Now let’s get some kitties on the court!


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